Feeling easy & breezy for spring? The Jewish Southern Belle is! To go along with our super-springtime moods, here are 10+ Fonts for Springtime!

Click the corresponding number to the font you would like to download — it will automatically pop-open another window with the link to download!

10+ fonts for spring_tjsb

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Yet another edition: 10 MORE FREE FONTS!!!!!

If you like wine, this list of fonts is FOR YOU! A mix of both print and script fonts — keep these in mind you host your next wine tasting.

Click the corresponding number to the font you want below the graphic for the link to download. ENJOY!

10 more free fonts

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Wanting to fit in but don’t have the phone case, wallet, hat, socks, or shoes to do it?  THE JEWISH SOUTHERN BELLE HAS YOU COVERED FAM. That’s right, here are 25+ SUPREME PHONE BACKGROUNDS just for you, family.

Corresponding wallpaper download (just match up the description, fam)

  1. Black Galaxy with Red Nebula
  2. Blue, Brown & Navy Camo
  3. Blue, Navy & Light Blue Camo
  4. Aztec Print with flowers
  5. Galaxy with Red/Magenta Nebula
  6. White with Red Flowers
  7. Galaxy with pink cloud
  8. Cat
  9. Floral Print
  10. Money
  11. Kermit the frog
  12. Vertical Supreme on Red
  13. Supreme on true camo
  14. Blurry pink flowers
  15. Beach & Van
  16. Black & White Floral
  17. Camo with face
  18. Palms & Sky
  19. Mosaic 
  20. Red background + tropical plants
  21. Small red LV print
  22. Large red LV print
  23. Teal
  24. Woods
  25. Blue Jean LV print

Enjoy, fam.




It’s that wonderful time of year….the time of year where I dump ALL THE WALLPAPERS I’ve saved on my phone onto my blog. I’ve been mostly on a whimsical, fairy tale background binge — you’ll see the trend.

As always, wallpapers and links to download listed below! ENJOY!

  1. Arizona Tea
  2. Sun & Planets Print
  3. I Scream, You Scream
  4. Trippy Sky & Field
  5. Home
  6. Grey & Pink Palms
  7. Blackbird Singing In The Dead of Night
  8. Girl Almighty
  9. Hand-drawn Sun on Red Flowers
  10. Sun+Moon
  11. Love Is All You Need
  12. May Your Dreams Come True
  13. Pink Mermaid Scales
  14. She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
  15. White Background + Stars
  16. Whatever I’m Getting Cheese Fries
  17. White Background + Gold Splatter
  18. Pastel Glitter + Sequins
  19. Tie-Dye
  20. Pink with Gold Hearts
  21. Planets
  22. Multi-color Roses
  23. Over The Rainbow Unicorn

NOTE: I did NOT create any of these wallpapers, I’m just simply sharing the love and the greatness that these backgrounds are!



This should just go to show you how my mind works — it’s the beginning of December and I’m going to talk about plants. HOWEVER, I have an excuse, I work at a nursery and landscaping company every day, so I’m constantly discovering plants I had no idea even existed.

I’ve now created a masterful list of the Top 10 AMAZING Plants You Won’t Believe Exist. I’ve included the species name, photos and a little bit of information on each one, my sources to each one are included in the link that’s the name of each plant.

So, without further ado, here are 10 plants that look like they came from a Dr. Seuss book.


1. Columbine 

The columbine plant (Aquilegia) is an easy-to-grow perennial that offers seasonal interest throughout much of the year. It blooms in a variety of colors during spring, which emerge from its attractive dark green foliage that turns maroon colored in fall. The bell-shaped flowers are also a favorite to hummingbirds and may be used in cut-flower arrangements as well.

2. Monkey Puzzle Tree

Araucaria araucana (commonly called the monkey puzzle tree, monkey tail tree, Chilean pine, or pehuén) is an evergreen tree growing to 1–1.5 m (3–5 ft) in diameter and 30–40 m (100–130 ft) in height. It is native to central and southern Chile, western Argentina. Araucaria araucana is the hardiest species in the conifer genus Araucaria. Because of the longevity of this species, it is described as a living fossil. It is also the national tree of Chile. Its conservation status was changed to Endangered by the IUCN in 2013 due to the dwindling population.

3. Love N Puff Plant

Love in a puff plant is a tropical to sub-tropical vine with tiny white flowers and green papery fruits that are similar to tomatillos. The vine is a heat lover that is charming when draped over a fence or trellis. Unfortunately, in southern landscapes it has become a nuisance plant, escaping cultivation and taking over the local flora.


4. Chinese Lantern Hibiscus

A weeping tree hibiscus. Grows rapidly and blooms freely, It has slender and gracefully curved stems and  the Flowers can be recognized by the fringed and lacy petals which are bent backward.  It will reach about 6 to 8 feet with a spread of 5 to 6 feet. A Rapid grower in good soil. It gets very large in pots, so one needs to prune it often to keep a desired form. Pruning also helps to keep a abundance of flowers, since flower are formed on new wood. Blooms sporadically all year long.

passion flower

5. Passion Flower Vine

There are over 400 species of tropical passion flowers (Passiflora spp.) with sizes ranging from ½ inch to 6 inches across. They are found naturally from South America through Mexico.

6. Hoya

Hoya is an Asclepiad genus of 200–300 species of tropical plants in the family Apocynaceae (Dogbane). Most are native to Asia including India, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Việt Nam, and Indonesia, There is a great diversity of species in the Philippines, and species in Polynesia, New Guinea, and Australia. Common names for this genus are waxplantwaxvinewaxflower or simply hoya. This genus was named by botanist Robert Brown, in honor of his friend, botanist Thomas Hoy.


7. African Daisy

A fairly infrequently used annual, arctotis (or African daisy) is a tough plant native to South Africa. These plants have beautiful silver/grey foliage that lays the groundwork for a stunning floral display. The blooms of this plant come in a wide array of colors that can put on quite the show for an extended period of time in mild climates.


8. Tree Houseleek

Aeonium arboreum is a subtropical succulent sub-shrub native to the hillsides of the Canary Islands where their natural range includes arid desert regions.
It bears rosettes of leaves and large pyramidal panicles of bright yellow flowers in the spring. Each rosette that bloom will die.


9. ‘Raindrop’ Echeveria

Echeveria ‘Raindrops’ is a solitary plant, up to 6 inches (15 cm) across, with pale green rounded leaves with pale reddish margins and a single globular blue-green bump in the middle of each leaf toward the tip that develops with age. Young plants often do not exhibit this trait but it appears as the plant ages. These bumps, similar to a water droplet, are what give this unique plant its name.


10. Monkey’s Tail Cactus

A Monkey Tail Cactus is a great plant for beginners. It has long, white, soft, hairlike spines and gets large bright red flowers. It looks best in hanging baskets.

The Official Hannukah Wishlist

It’s that special time of year…the time where we get together with loved ones, drink alcoholic beverages we won’t have for another 365 days, light candles, put up lights, hang decorations, hit the very scary (and slightly overrated) shopping mall, all the while trying to make sure it’s the most perfect holiday season YET.


But whatever holiday you may celebrate, always remember to take a moment and relax this holiday season. Things may get busy (and sometimes complicated) with holiday plans, while you’re trying to make sure everyone feels warm and treated, take a breath and know it’s just the holidays.

That’s why I’m making the first ever Official Hannukah Wishlist (feel free to insert whatever holiday you may celebrate during this time of the year). These presents are just fun little gifts–all for under $50.

So now, in all it’s glory, here is The Official Hannukah Wishlist 2017. 

Links to purchase included below each photo.


“You Rock” Gold-Dipped Amethyst $15.00 on Etsy

Want to get the person something that you think totally rocks but don’t have more than $20? Here’s your answer. You can use it as a paperweight, or to house your airplants, or just hold it and admire it on your patio as you sip on a glass of wine. I don’t know what you’ll use it for, but you know someone in your life needs this rock.



Funny Dish Towels $11.95 on Etsy

Ahahaha…nothing like food humor. Amirite? Drink a glass of wine and it gets funnier.



Taco Belle T-Shirt $12.60 on Etsy

No explanation need on this one. And yes, it’s okay to order one for yourself too.



Unicorn Spa Box $39.95 on Etsy

Okay normally I wouldn’t be dropping $40.00 on a bath box but THIS IS NOT ANY BATH BOX. If you like Unicorns and the land of make-believe, dive right in to this box that will make you feel downright majestic. (Unicorn horn included and recommended for best results)



Unicorn Bath Bomb $7.20 on Etsy

Wanting to feel majestic but you’re still reeling from the price tag on the last post? DON’T FRET. You can still feel like a unicorn for less than $10.00. (This one does NOT come with the unicorn horn which is recommended for best results)


Mermaid Make-up Brushes $12.99 on Amazon

The perfect gift for the makeup guru in your life with an affinity for feeling whimsical.


TrackR pixel $21.19 (for a one-pack) on Amazon

Tired of losing your stuff? Use this funky little device and hook it to your keys, suitcase, carry-on, purse, WHATEVER and use the app on your phone to track down whatever you lost. Gives you peace of mind and better self-esteem.


For the GUY in your life,

Have that really special someone but don’t have the cash to spare?



Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit $49.97 on Amazon

If your guy’s got an award-winning beard on his face, he’ll thank you for this kit, and you’ll pat yourself on the back later.


Dash Non-stick Omelette Maker (Shown in Red) $26.15 on Amazon

Make it easier for him to make you breakfast in bed! This is the perfect way to give him that little…nudge he needs. Plus FREE SHIPPING NOW!


For the kiddo you have no idea what to get but you have to get them something because you don’t want to look like that friend that doesn’t understand kids….



Talkie by Toymail: Hank a Dino $40.02 on Amazon

Meet Hank a Dino, this voice chat smart toy lets kids stay connected to their parents. (Your friends that have kids will think this is genius…I guess that’s why it was on Shark Tank) For your friends with kids, they can use their phones to talk to their kids through this little guy, and if they kids want, they can reply. Or just throw Hank across the room…whichever.


Happy happy holidays! 

Happy Hannukah! (December 12th)  

Merry Christmas! (December 25th) 

Happy Kwanzaa! (December 26th) 




Weekend mornings mean breakfast. Without a decent breakfast (and coffee) I am an absolute zombie until about 1:00 pm. My favorite breakfasts (besides eggs benedict, which is a SPECIAL OCCASION THING, or at least, I tell myself that) consist of yogurt, seeds, berries, smoothies, and peanut butter (thrown in no matter what so I can get by until lunch).

Here’s one of my FAVORITE breakfasts, it’ll go perfect with any of your favorite fruits, nuts and seeds because of the wonderful base: acai.

acai bowlI know I go on and on about this stuff, but it’s like super easy to prepare and even easier to eat. Here’s what you’ll need to make this Power Breakfast Bowl.


  • 1 packet Acai (found at most natural grocery stores, they usually come in a box with multiple packets)
  • 1 c almond milk (you can also sub coconut milk, juice, etc.)
  • 1/2 to 3/4 c your favorite seeds, nuts and/or granola
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter
  • 1 c frozen berries
  • 1/2 c berries to top your bowl with


Run warm water over the Acai packet to melt the contents slightly, add to blender along with your almond milk, frozen berries, and peanut butter. Blend until smooth. Pour into a bowl and top with your favorites!



Going along with all the body-helping that your acai bowl will be doing for you, why not satisfy your skin too? These are great scrubs to help you get down to exfoliating and maintaining that smooth skin that we all obsess over.

DIY Lip Scrub

You’ll Need:

  • 1 tbsp Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)
  • 1 tbsp Granulated White Sugar
  • ¼ tsp Water

Mix Ingredients together. To use, apply directly on lips when needed and rub in to exfoliate dry lips. Once exfoliated, rinse lips with warm water to wash excess off.

DIY Body Scrub

You’ll Need:

  • 1 cup Sunflower Oil (You can substitute with vegetable oil, but I prefer sunflower best)
  • ½ cup packed brown sugar
  • ½ cup white granulated sugar
  • A few drops of your favorite essential oil or extract, I used lavender essential oil by NOW

Combine ingredients and store in a sealed jar–I keep my scrubs in mason jars–keeps for longer. To use, rub a small amount into skin to exfoliate and rinse with warm water to get rid of the excess.


Find your soul {MATZO BALLS}

It’s always good to find your soul with a warm bowl of chicken soup this fall. My go to? A dish that’s been around for ages that is expected for any good Jewish woman to know–a good bowl of Matzo Ball Soup. It’s pretty simple to make, and making a large pot is recommended (for savory leftovers that can be frozen).

My recipe has been updated over time and will probably continue to change over the next few decades, but here, for now, is The Jewish Southern Belle’s Matzo Ball Soup.Matzo Ball Soup


  • 1 Box Matzo Ball Mix (you don’t need to buy the box that has the soup mix as well, just the Matzo Ball Mix And ingredients needed to make the matzo balls, they’re on the box, if you want leftovers, use both packets)
  • 1 package Chicken Drumsticks (I give at least two legs per person eating–I like to use the drumsticks because the bones really help the broth with it’s flavor, and after cooking the chicken just falls off the bone, it’s perfect really)
  • 3/4 c diced celery
  • 3/4 c diced onion
  • 3/4 c chopped carrot
  • 2 cubes chicken buillion
  • One large pot full of water
  • Salt & Pepper to taste

Put a pot of water on medium-high heat and let it heat up, add bouillon cubes and salt and pepper. Once nice and hot, add chicken drumsticks and veggies and let cook. Once chicken drumsticks are cooked thoroughly, add matzo balls and let sit for at least an hour, otherwise the matzo balls will just fall apart. Serve nice and hot!