It’s summertime and I hope you all already have cute summery wallpapers already on your phones. If you don’t, however, don’t feel too bad– I’ve done the research for you and collected a bunch of cute summertime wallpapers for you! At the office and not at the beach? Don’t sweat it.

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Summer Shopping Anyone?

Now that I’m back home in East Texas and working part-time, I finally have time to really put some effort into this blog! I’m glad to be back and done with my Bachelor’s Degree– I miss A&M everyday. There is nothing quite like college, and I never thought I’d be one to say that.

Anyway, now that it’s summertime, it’s time for new clothes, shoes, and accessories. I’ve been doing a little shopping around to find the best pieces that fit my style. My style being; a. something that I won’t sweat buckets in (I sweat so easily, and if I’m not careful, my hair will turn into a wet mess before I blink an eye) b. something that’s comfortable and that will make me not so inclined to put pajamas on every time I’m back at my house. With these things in mind, I set out to find these things that will satisfy my wants.

Tops are my absolute favorite thing ever, and I’m more inclined to stock up on different blouses, tanks, and more than I am to stock up on shoes (I’m a strange girl, I know).

As for shoes, I blister so easily, and not any shoe can do. I prefer flip-flops if I can get away with them, and if not, sandals. In the office though, I always go with flats (This is hard to do sometimes, because flats can cause me to lose skin quicker than me scraping a razor against my skin).

So, comfortable, no-blisters, and cool clothing. I can do that– and if it sounds like it’s for you too, here are some great summer outfit ideas so you can update your wardrobe too.

These outfit ideas are ones that I’ve found on Pinterest and just loved– you don’t have to buy the clothes to match exactly in the picture. This is where you can get really creative and find your own pieces to assemble outfits like these, but that are unique to your own personality.

A great outfit if you’re wanting to go casual, but still look nice. The tank will keep you cool, while a great maxi skirt will be flowy and not too hot. The thick leather straps on the sandals will prevent blistering on sensitive feetsies (like mine).
Another great outfit if you’re meeting a friend for lunch, or running errands. If it’s 105 out like it is here in Texas, the shorts will have you covered. A light top (like this white one) won’t make you hot and will keep you plenty covered up top. The sandals are beaded and finish out the outfit for a slight Boho look.
Meeting your grandparents at the country club? Sorority recruitment time? Or maybe just a night out with your honey? This outfit works great for any of those– the shorts and light top will keep you cool throughout the day (choose a patterned short to add more depth to the outfit) and use light jewelry that won’t be as likely to stick to you if you begin to get some of that good ol’ sweat going. And the Tory Burch sandals? Absolutely yes. I have one pair and they are an absolute STAPLE in my closet.
Another great “I’m going for lunch with my best friends,” outfit. Once again, we see the Tory Burch sandals in a great neutral color, along with a navy Longchamp purse (may I add that these purses hold EVERYTHING). The light white dress is simple but enough to be dressy– and may I add, not HOT.

I absolutely love light dresses that I can throw on with some sandals if I’m on the go and still want to look cute. These both are great options to throw with some sandals for on the run or to pair with flats and a cardigan if you’re at the office.


Along with these adorable sandals– these would go with any white dress or white pants/mint top. Comfy and cute.


Chevron is love. ❤

Happy Summertime! 🙂