The Official Hannukah Wishlist

It’s that special time of year…the time where we get together with loved ones, drink alcoholic beverages we won’t have for another 365 days, light candles, put up lights, hang decorations, hit the very scary (and slightly overrated) shopping mall, all the while trying to make sure it’s the most perfect holiday season YET.


But whatever holiday you may celebrate, always remember to take a moment and relax this holiday season. Things may get busy (and sometimes complicated) with holiday plans, while you’re trying to make sure everyone feels warm and treated, take a breath and know it’s just the holidays.

That’s why I’m making the first ever Official Hannukah Wishlist (feel free to insert whatever holiday you may celebrate during this time of the year). These presents are just fun little gifts–all for under $50.

So now, in all it’s glory, here is The Official Hannukah Wishlist 2017. 

Links to purchase included below each photo.


“You Rock” Gold-Dipped Amethyst $15.00 on Etsy

Want to get the person something that you think totally rocks but don’t have more than $20? Here’s your answer. You can use it as a paperweight, or to house your airplants, or just hold it and admire it on your patio as you sip on a glass of wine. I don’t know what you’ll use it for, but you know someone in your life needs this rock.



Funny Dish Towels $11.95 on Etsy

Ahahaha…nothing like food humor. Amirite? Drink a glass of wine and it gets funnier.



Taco Belle T-Shirt $12.60 on Etsy

No explanation need on this one. And yes, it’s okay to order one for yourself too.



Unicorn Spa Box $39.95 on Etsy

Okay normally I wouldn’t be dropping $40.00 on a bath box but THIS IS NOT ANY BATH BOX. If you like Unicorns and the land of make-believe, dive right in to this box that will make you feel downright majestic. (Unicorn horn included and recommended for best results)



Unicorn Bath Bomb $7.20 on Etsy

Wanting to feel majestic but you’re still reeling from the price tag on the last post? DON’T FRET. You can still feel like a unicorn for less than $10.00. (This one does NOT come with the unicorn horn which is recommended for best results)


Mermaid Make-up Brushes $12.99 on Amazon

The perfect gift for the makeup guru in your life with an affinity for feeling whimsical.


TrackR pixel $21.19 (for a one-pack) on Amazon

Tired of losing your stuff? Use this funky little device and hook it to your keys, suitcase, carry-on, purse, WHATEVER and use the app on your phone to track down whatever you lost. Gives you peace of mind and better self-esteem.


For the GUY in your life,

Have that really special someone but don’t have the cash to spare?



Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit $49.97 on Amazon

If your guy’s got an award-winning beard on his face, he’ll thank you for this kit, and you’ll pat yourself on the back later.


Dash Non-stick Omelette Maker (Shown in Red) $26.15 on Amazon

Make it easier for him to make you breakfast in bed! This is the perfect way to give him that little…nudge he needs. Plus FREE SHIPPING NOW!


For the kiddo you have no idea what to get but you have to get them something because you don’t want to look like that friend that doesn’t understand kids….



Talkie by Toymail: Hank a Dino $40.02 on Amazon

Meet Hank a Dino, this voice chat smart toy lets kids stay connected to their parents. (Your friends that have kids will think this is genius…I guess that’s why it was on Shark Tank) For your friends with kids, they can use their phones to talk to their kids through this little guy, and if they kids want, they can reply. Or just throw Hank across the room…whichever.


Happy happy holidays! 

Happy Hannukah! (December 12th)  

Merry Christmas! (December 25th) 

Happy Kwanzaa! (December 26th) 




Container Planting!

Since I started working at a nursery and landscaping business, I have just fallen in love with all the fun plants and bright colors you can use to customize your place with. Since I live in an apartment, the best solution for some outdoor color is container coleus, impatiens, fern and creeping jennygardening (i.e. Gardening in pots, tins and other containers).

There is a certain formula that every container must follow to get the right “look”, and it’s incredibly simple– it must consist of three types of plants:
1) A Plant for Height (i.e. A “Thriller”)
2) A “Filler”
3) A “Spiller”




QUICK TIP! Believe it or not, adding packaging popcorn at the bottom of the pot with take up a little room in a large pot, and you can go ahead and plant as normal on the top without affecting any drainage!

These three types of plants make up a really full and beautiful container planting! My favorite thriller, filler & spiller? I love Cordyline, Lantana, and Creeping Jenny, all are so colorful and brighten any pot. Here are some ideas (and their links) to some great container pieces!

This is a fun way to get really creative with your home. You can go crazy or keep it totally subtle– whatever you like. 🙂


Original Links to Each Photo: Container #1 | Container #2 | Container #3 | Container #4 | Container #5 | Container #6

Autumn DIY Additions!

Want to make your home cute and comfy this fall, but can’t make it work with your budget? That’s not an excuse anymore! I take serious inspiration from my mom, who makes her way out to her backyard (or to the local craft store sale shelves) for pinecones, glitter, branches, gourds, pumpkins, and more. Take a look at some of her centerpieces and precious decorations and you just might “fall” for them too!




Gift Ideas for Under $50!

The holiday season is right around the corner so it’s always good to keep a stash of ideas of great gifts that won’t break the bank! These are a few that can be personalized and cute, but won’t totally empty your wallet.

Sequined Mermaid Pillow Covers; $9.99

Personalized Bottle Openers

Personalized Bottle Openers; $7.99

16" Metal Custom Cursive Arrow

16″ Metal Custom Cursive Arrow; $14.99

Large Personalized Wine Cork Keepers

Large Personalized Wine Cork Keepers; $29.99

Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Shelf | Towel Rod

Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Shelf; $25.99

Home & Love Succulent Signs

Home & Love Succulent Signs; $24.99

Stag on Reclaimed Wood

Stag on Reclaimed Wood; $14.99

14 x 20 "Always Stay Humble and Kind" Farmhouse Art

14″ x 20″ “Always Stay Humble and Kind” Farmhouse Art; $26.75

Holiday Linen Towels

Holiday Linen Towels; $11.99

Geometric Steel Backed Cherry Clocks

Geometric Steel Backed Cherry Clocks; $44.99


Hopefully this little guide of gifts helps you in these upcoming months!




Crafting Inspiration!

With fall right around the corner and cool breezes now hitting East Texas, I’m feeling some serious craft-fever. Needing inspiration, I hit Pinterest and Tumblr for the different DIY projects I find myself doing inside on the floor next to Wiggles and my mug of hot chocolate.

Take a look and get inspired too! 🙂

Diy Crafts, diy and crafts DIY Crafts and Projects: Make a Candle Holders From Dry twigs do it yourself gallery.:

Vela en frasco de cristal, cilíndrico y alto, adornado con maíz de hacer…

$6 Decorating At The Dollar Tree

Peacock Fall or Christmas Wreath:

Peacock Holiday Wreath

Peacock Star Wreath by Jarabels on Etsy <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>

Peacock Star Wreath

60 Cute and Easy DIY Gifts in a Jar | Christmas Gift Ideas <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a> | Easy DIY Crafts, Fun Projects, & DIY Craft Ideas For Kids & Adults

60 Cute & Easy DIY Gifts In A Jar

Homemade Savory Spice Mixes // If you've run out of our favorite spice mixes, have no fear - you can make them at home! | Tried and Tasty:

Homemade Savory Spice Mixes










Decoration Inspiration!

I love western/southern/rustic decor, these are just a few ideas I’ve been looking at to get some inspiration with decorating my house:


Adorable plate set right!? Love the turquoise stars on the plates with the brown!


And of course, the plates and silverware go along with the ADORABLE kitchen. Distressed turquoise cabinets with granite countertops– yes please!


Once again, distressed wood and brown leather with turquoise accents. It just ties the room together so nicely.


I love this coffee table because it’s repurposed. You can tell it’s older but the wood is polished so it has a new feel to it too.


Finally– the bedroom. I love bedrooms being carpeted (and carpet ONLY, no hardwood in a bedroom) because it makes them feel so much warmer. The turquoise color on the walls with the different shades of brown complement each other so nicely.



I don’t have a child yet, but how PRECIOUS is this!? A tractor bed!? This looks like something that you can DIY–I’ll have to find instructions and share. 🙂