Can My Dog Eat That? Infographics+Mini PSA!

I’m a weirdo, and I love feeding my furbaby human food– she gets SO excited, it’s a real treat for her. I’m always SUPER cautious with what I give her, and sometimes I find myself questioning the foods I give her. It’s important to know what you can give your dog and what makes them sick. I’ve included two different infographics in this blog post (credits given below each infographic) so you can know what’s best for your furbaby too!

Can My Dog Eat That InfographicCredit: Woofs Upon A Walk

Can My Dog Infographic

Credit: Chewie Says

I hope these help you like they have me– I usually post them on the refrigerator or inside the pantry doors. That way, when people want to feed our dogs human food, they know what they can and can’t give our furbabies!




EDIT: Okay, mini Public Service Announcement!


Not any big brand peanut butters contain Xylitol, but the following brands do:
1)Go Nuts Co.
2)Hanks Protein Plus Peanut Butter
3)Krush Nutrition
4)Nut’s ‘N More