10 Reasons Why I Married My High School Sweetheart (and why it’s not for everyone)

Everyone always asks me, “How have you and Jordan been together so long?” Or “You didn’t want to date anyone else, aren’t you both sick of each other?” Or my favorite: “Why’d you get married so early? Are you pregnant?”I married early in life– at 22, he’s 21. We’ve been together for 6 years– we made it through 4 years of long distance. People say that they cannot believe it– for me, it’s easy. 

 Here are 10 reasons why I married my High School Sweetheart:
1. We grew up together through High School, and through College.

We went to prom together, I sat and watched him at football practice and went to IHOP after the games. We went to homecoming together and watched each other graduate high school, and he watched me graduate college. He has always been my rock and my soft place to land. We learned about life together– and how manage adult life. We always cheered each other on and comforted each other through the tough times.
2. We know how to fight with each other.

He knows that it drives me crazy when he drags in an old argument into one that we are already having. I know he hates it when I say he “always” does something– when he’s only done it once. We don’t drag in old trash to the conversation. We work our way through arguments, and pick our battles wisely. Looking back, some arguments have been about such minor things in our lives– it’s not worth wasting breath over.
3. We have pet peeves covered.

Don’t get me wrong– we still can annoy each other sometimes. Years of driving each other crazy has led to knowing what to avoid. It’s all personal, you just learn what bugs them most. 
4. Laughter is the best medicine.

Even during the most serious of conversations, we aren’t afraid to goof off and have a good laugh. It takes the stress out of the situation. No electricity bill or paycheck is SO serious that you can’t have a laugh. You have to know that it will always work out.
5. Positivity is prized.

You shouldn’t ever say something that’s just flat-out negative to one another. We keep each other thinking positively. I roll over in the mornings, and 99% of the time I’ll tell him that I don’t want to go to work. He will always say that it’ll be a great day. Keep each other positive and your relationship will be positive.
6. Contact is key.

We always stay in touch. From late night phone calls and Skype sessions in college, to a short text during the day to say “I love you. :)” It makes a difference to know they’re thinking about you, or that you are thinking about them.
7. We don’t forget dates.

He’s always taken me out on dates– as soon as we have a free Friday, it’s always dinner and a movie, or ice cream and looking at the stars. If we’re busy on the weekend, takeout and a movie on a week night. On Sunday’s we always will take drives around the countryside and just go for a ride in his truck. Big or little, a date is always something that you can make time for.
8. Time-honored Traditions

We have always kept a few things going in our relationship– that are special to only our relationship. We say “happy Sunday” every Sunday. After work and dinner, we always settle down and watch tv before bed together. This doesn’t have to happen every day– but things like that keep things special.
9. He’s my best friend.

We’ve known each other a long time, and aren’t afraid to just be completely goofy and ridiculous together. We both accept each other’s quirks and can poke fun at each other for them. We have hobbies together and enjoy just chilling together.
10. Yeah, we are young and married, so what!?

We are so young– and a lot of people don’t understand why we would do this so early in life. All I can say is, we wanted to be husband and wife so badly. We’ve waited so long to be where we are, and are so looking forward to our life together. It’s something we’ve always wanted– we don’t feel trapped– we feel accomplished. 

This isn’t for everyone– but just a testimony of why I married my high school love. Best. Decision. Ever.



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